Wren was the daughter of Captain Lugg and Lady Cott, as well as the sister of Wing and Moth, and therefore the sister-in-law of Twigg and the aunt of Tipp and Todd. She appeared only briefly in the Mistmantle books; she was at the wedding of Moth and Twigg, and the funeral of her father, where she was crying heavily and being comforted by her mother. Wren also appeared when Moth announced that she wanted to marry Twigg; Wren didn't have an opinion on it, one way or another.

Family Edit

  1. Father: Captain Lugg
  2. Mother: Lady Cott
  3. Sisters: Moth, Wing
  4. Brother-in-law: Twigg
  5. Nephews: Tipp, Todd, Moth's unnamed daughters

Family TreeEdit

     Captain Lugg----------Mistress Cott