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Urchin and the Heartstone
Urchin & The Heartstone Cover 1
Published:September 2006
Preceded by:Urchin of the Riding Stars
Succeeded by:The Heir of Mistmantle

Urchin and the Heartstone is the second book in the Mistmantle Chronicles. The official synopsis reads:

"As summer dawns on the island of Mistmantle, its inhabitants prepare for the coronation of Crispin the Squirrel. Robes are stitched, cakes are baked, wine is brought up from cellars, and the Heartstone -- the unique gold-and-silver flecked stone that only the true priest or the rightful ruler of the island can hold -- is readied.
But the newly established peace in Mistmantle is soon under threat. A storm-ravaged ship from a distant land appears in the mists surrounding the island; a dramatic revelation about the revered Heartstone comes to light; and the extra-sensory powers of a young islander reveal the evil close at hand. Urchin finds himself journeying to a hostile island, where the maniacal King Silverbirch and his sorcerer Smokewreath await him. There, Urchin will have to face challenges greater than those he has ever known, and in doing so he will learn a secret about his past that will change his life forever."

As its title suggests, the priceless Heartstone goes missing in Urchin and the Heartstone, and Sepia, Needle, Fingal, and Hope are relied upon to find it, while Urchin himself is kidnapped by Bronze and Trail, two villainous Whitewings squirrels, and is brought against his will to Whitewings Island, where he is placed in a cell and forced to find silver...or be killed for the island's mentally-unstable hedgehog king.