Birthplace: Whitewings Island
Weapon(s): Sword
Allegiance: King Silverbirch
Death: Killed in the collapse of King Silverbirch's fortress
Appears in: Urchin and the Heartstone

Trail was a sly female squirrel from Whitewings Island who came to Mistmantle with Lord Treeth, Scatter, and Bronze to kidnap Urchin. She later died in the collapse of King Silverbirch's Fortress.


Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

She is sent to Mistmantle Island with Bronze, Scatter and Lord Treeth to kidnap Urchin and bring him to The Island of Whitewings by King Silverbirch, because Urchin is said to be "The Marked Squirrel" who will become a sacrifice for Smokewreath, King Silverbirch's evil sorcerer, in order to find silver. Creeper also arrives with them, but in secret.

Trail isn't very friendly, but she manages to be polite with Urchin, Needle, and Sepia, who welcome her and the rest of the Whitewings crew.
Along with Bronze and Scatter, Trail insists to Urchin that he go see their ship at sunset. When he does so, they take him hostage and drug him so that he can't escape or call for help while they bind him up in a small rowing boat and escape by water with him, away from Mistmantle and through the Enchanted Mists to Whitewings Isle.
Trail was the first to notice that some of the food on the boat is missing and she immediately blames Urchin for its disappearance (Juniper, who follows them to try and help Urchin, is hanging onto the side of the boat and actually pinched some of it). Trail soon realises that Urchin can't have stolen any of it, and blames Bronze instead for the missing food and then quarrels with him. It is not the first time nor the last that they argue with each other!
The earthquake that destroys the Fortress on Whitewings kills Trail, along with most of the other animals inside.