Todd is a male mole, and is said to be just like his grandfather, the dependable Lugg, and is also said to be calmer than his brother, Tipp. He is loyal and brave and fought courageously in the Raven War. Just like Lugg, he showed up whenever he was needed, like in the Raven war, he saved Urchin when they had him under ground as a prisoner.


The Heir to MistmantleEdit

He is first seen helping Twigg move out of his old shop. He later apears at the gathering with his brother.

The Raven WarEdit

He and his brother fly to Swan's Isle with Crispin. They later fight in the war and he rescues Urchin when he is captured underground.

The Rage TideEdit

He and his brother stay with Moth during the first rage tide so that she will not be carried away.

Family Edit

  1. Grandfather: Captain Lugg
  2. Grandmother: Mistress Cott
  3. Aunts: Moth, Wren
  4. Father: ?
  5. Mother: Wing
  6. Brother: Tipp


Captain Lugg------Mistress Cott