Tipp was the grandson of Captain Lugg, the son of Wing and the brother of Todd. He was very active and warriorlike, and was always swinging a pretend sword around. He longed to be a warrior when he grew up, and therefore admired Urchin greatly. He often hung around his father's workshop, and he was one of the ones who tried to fix Fingal's boat.

History Edit

The Heir to MistmantleEdit

He is first seen helping Twigg move out of his old shop. He tries to defend Crispin in the Mole palace and later apears at the gathering with his brother.

The Raven WarEdit

He and his brother fly to Swan's Isle with Crispin. During the fight, he is attacked by a raven by "The princess' grave" but is saved by Pitter. He claims himself to be "forever in her dept". He later fights in the war on Mistmantle.

The Rage TideEdit

He and his brother stay with Moth during the first rage tide so that she would not be carried away.

Family Edit

  1. Grandfather: Captain Lugg
  2. Grandmother: Lady Cott
  3. Aunts: Moth, Wren
  4. Father: ?
  5. Mother: Wing
  6. Brother: Todd


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