The Spring Festival is an event on Mistmantle that takes place at the beginning of every Spring. It's a major celebration for the animals. Feasts and shows are held during this festival, and speeches are given from different animals in the Circle. The King or Queen always opens the festival.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit


A dance at the Spring Festival!

The Spring Festival is first talked about by Padra. He tells Urchin
Padra fighting Mercies

The fight during the Spring Festival.

a plan on how they're going to accuse Husk at the Spring Festival.

When the Spring Festival happens, there are dancers, and acrobats performing for all the animals. There are feasts and shows, and dances at the festival, and they last for hours and hours.

After all the animals eat, the tower animals make their speeches. King Brushen goes first, but he is depressed and drunk. Husk has to help him stand too. After the king, is Husk. Husk makes a speech about food, and winter, and how everythings going to be 'perfect'.  After Husk is Granite, but Granite is drunk, and can hardly talk. Husk makes Granite stop, and then Tay was supposed to go. But Tay is missing. No one knows that all the animals from The Old Place captured her. When Tay doesn't go on, Husk begins to get angry. Padra steps up, and starts to make his speech. Padra begins to talk about the king, and then starts to talk about Husk. Husk becomes outraged, and Padra shows all the animals Crispin's token. Husk grabs his sword and he and Granite begin to fight Padra. Padra fights bravely, and the king helps him. However, Husk's followers start to fight too. And then every animal begins to fight.

Needle, Sepia, and Crackle use banners and garlands to trap some of Husk's followers. They succeed in doing so, but the animals they trap soon begin to break free.

Urchin and Crispin appear on swans, and they join the battle. They run to the tower to help Padra, but Husk is there with the king. Husk has gone mentally insane, he and Aspen trap King Brushen in their turret, and he refuses to let the king go. Husk stays in his turret, with a knife to the king's throat.

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