The Silver Prince
Family: The Archraven (father)†
  • The Taloness (aunt)†
Weapon(s): Beak and talons
Allegiance: The Archraven (formerly)†
  • The Taloness (formerly)†
Death: Slain by Gleaner
Appears in: Urchin and the Raven War
"The Taloness seeks power for herself! The Taloness seeks to give orders to the Silver Prince! The Silver Prince is the Raven of Destiny and the Son of the Archraven! He orders death to the Taloness! Kill and Devour!"
- The Silver Prince

The Silver Prince was the son of the Archraven and a raven female, nephew of the Taloness, and later the leader of the raven forces that attacked Mistmantle Island after the Taloness's death. He was slain by Gleaner on Lady Aspen's grave.


Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

When King Crispin and the Mistmantle animals arrived on Swan Isle to defend it from the raven army, the Silver Prince was mainly used as a symbol whilst his father and aunt led the fighting. After the Archraven's death, he and the Taloness rallied support to attack Mistmantle Island.
During the war, the Silver Prince was kept safe by many guards, and preferred to let his ravens do the fighting for him. Later, Urchin cleverly convinced him that he was an almighty raven, much more important than the Taloness, and that he should take charge. After he realized he was being "used", the Silver Prince refused to obey the Taloness any further and turned the main force of the ravens against her.
The Silver Prince was killed soon after he ordered the death of the Taloness. While flying high in the air over the Tangletwigs he noticed a gleam of silver from Lady Aspen's burial cairn. He flew down to claim it, and as he began to fly off with his prize, he was stabbed in the throat by Gleaner, who had previously sworn to protect Lady Aspen's grave. His death, along with the reinforcements from Whitewings Island, led to the surviving ravens fleeing Mistmantle in disarray.


The Silver Prince was an idol to the ravens merely because he had gray feathers on his wings that in the sunlight appeared to be of a silver colour. According to Fingal, he was quite fat.


He was very dumb and was known to be impatient, rude, and somewhat of a bully; he cruelly attacked Filbert the squirrel for his own entertainment. The Silver Prince also thought highly of himself, in fact so much so that he killed Taloness when he was fooled into believing that she hadn't given him the respect he was due.