The Larchlings is a group on Whitewings that wants Queen Larch on the throne. They also try hard to get rid of King Silverbirch and Smokewreath. Cedar, Larch and Flame are also in the group. The group also has many followers.

When Larch first finds Juniper on the shore, she takes him to the Larchling hiding place, where she and Cedar nurse him back to health.

When Lugg leads his band of moles to Whitewings to rescue Urchin, Larch and Flame take him into hiding when he fails.

Also, when Cedar says she is going to take Urchin a bath for Smokewreath, she really takes him down to the hiding place, where Urchin finds out about his parents.

Known Members:Edit

  • Cedar
  • Flame
  • Flame & Larch

    Flame and Larch caring for Juniper.

    Queen Larch
  • Lugg (when his moles arrive on Whitewings)
  • Juniper (before Cedar took him to Urchin)
  • Many more unnamed\unseen animals