The Tangletwigs is a small forest on Mistmantle. Its surrounded by bushes with thorns. Few animals live there, but the ones that do learn to be quick around all the bushes. It is so dense that unless you go all the time you get scratched a lot. Most of the Islands best acrobats come from there. Lady Aspen's grave is there.


Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

Gleaner comes to the Tangletwigs often to visit Lady Aspen's grave. Gleaner is also very upset that Aspen wasn't buried in a nicer place, she thinks she should have been buried in the vault with the queens. She is also annoyed about how much she gets scratched all the time. Sepia and Needle follow Gleaner to Tangletwigs and find out about the grave.

The Heir of MistmantleEdit

Gleaner continues to visit Lady Aspen's grave every day.

Linty is also hiding Catkin deeper in the Tangletwigs. Later on, Linty moves Catkin down to the shore. Linty lived there to when she was young and a dancer. She also takes the Muslin Gleaner puts there to keep the sun off the grave. Gleaner thinks Husk takes it.

Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

Gleaner still visits Lady Aspen's grave every day. When the ravens attack, Gleaner refuses to leave the grave unprotected. Gleaner also polishes Aspen's bracelet and places it on the grave and gets a blanket on the grave to hide it. Girth later takes it to spite her.

When the Silver Prince goes to the Tangletwigs, he sees Aspen's bracelet. He swoops down to claim it, but Gleaner jumps out and kills him. Other ravens are shocked and attack Gleaner. But Urchin and Cedar defend Gleaner, and fight the ravens off.