Swish is a mole maid to Queen Cedar. She is secretly keeping an eye on Lapwing and Brindle while they are at the Curlingshell Bay.


Swish is shown to be a quick and kind mole. She is also very sneaky. She is constantly sneaking around Curlingshell Bay watching Catkin.


Swish is very gray, and when she walks, she is looks like she's on wheels.


Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

Swish is first seen in the royal chambers with Cedar. Cedar is giving Swish directions about how to look after Catkin. Swish then goes watching Catkin.

Swish reports back to Queen Cedar occasionally, and the queen thanks her.


When the ravens attack, Crispin gives her a token to show that she can go during the raven attacks. However, while she is going through the tunnels, Grith sneaks up behind her and kills her. Grith steals the king's token, and uses the token to trick Urchin and Catkin into following him. Grith then goes into the service of the Taloness and betrays Urchin and Catkin.