Birthplace: Mistmantle Island
Family: Captain Padra (father)
Captain Lady Arran (mother)
Tide (twin brother)
Fionn (younger sister)
Fingal (uncle)
Allegiance: King Crispin, Queen Catkin
Appears in: Books:

"- Hmm. Swanfeather of Mistmantle" - Brother Fir

Swanfeather is the daughter of Arran and Padra, twin sister to Tide, the older sister of Fionn, and the niece of Fingal.


She is bright and very outgoing. She is described as being more childish of the two and like their uncle Fingal, something that is doing Gleaner very mad. She is, like her parents; brave and nice to everyone.


"She have your face" - Brother Fir

She is looking like her father in the face, and have shiny and brown eyes.


Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

Swanfeather was born, Arran and Padra were debating her name, wanting to name her after the swans who had brought Urchin and Crispin home, but the name "Swan" didn't seem right. After finding a soft swan's feather, they decided upon Swanfeather for her name.

The Heir of MistmantleEdit

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Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

She sits on the shore with Fingal, Tide, and Princess Catkin, watching her uncle and brother race, leaving her undecided who to cheer for, and resolves to try and cheer for them both.

When the swans start coming to Mistmantle, Swanfeather wants to pick up one of their cygnets and cuddle it, but is warned away from the idea by her mother, Arran, saying that she'd get some nasty bites if she tried.

She helps Fingal, Tide, and Corr rescue Princess Catkin from the Ravens.

Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

Swanfeather dances in and out of the waves while Tide watches their little sister Fionn in the shallows.

Family Edit

  • Father: Captain Padra
  • Mother: Captain Lady Arran
  • Brother: Tide
  • Sister: Fionn
  • Uncle: Fingal of the Floods