"Be careful, Fingal. He has just as sharp spines as me . " - Needle.

Spirtle, or "Ouch", was a male hedgehog from Mistmantle Island. His older sisters are Myrtle and Furtle .


Spirtle is a tiny hedgehog, who's spines are said to be as sharp as Needle's.


He is not a baby, but he is rather young nevertheless. When Crispin is dead she is holding by his sisters over him, but he doesn't quite understand what is happening.


Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

He and his sister, Furtle, escape the old mole place during the first rage tide. Together, they wander around the island and discover the play palace of King Acorn's children. The whole island is looking for them but they only find small hints of where they might have been. Spirle and Firtle found a little room undrground with some dry biscuits in. The room was one of Linty's hiding places, and is one of the last places they are before they are found. They are later found when Twirl crashes through the ground.