Birthplace: Mistmantle Island
Family: Husk (former husband)†
Brother Juniper (son)
Death: murdered by Husk

Spindrift was a trusting squirrel from Anemone Wood, who was the first wife of Husk and the mother of Juniper.


Early LifeEdit

Spindrift fell in love with Husk and acording to Damson, she just suddenly had a baby which was Juniper . After Husk became a Captain, he fell in love with Aspen, and plotted to kill Spindrift to get him of his way. One night, after trading ships were at dock, Spindrift and Juniper both went missing. Juniper was found, alive, by Damson, who also knew that Husk had murdered Spindrift. Everyone else on the Island, with the likely exception of Brother Fir, thought that Spindrift had fallen in love and had fled Mistmantle to be with this "love" on the trading ships.