Languages: Nlflag

Birthplace: Whitewings Island
Allegiance: King Silverbirch †
Death: Killed in the demise of Silverbirch's fortress
Appears in: Books:
  • Urchin and the Heartstone
  • The Heir of Mistmantle
He is so funny! 
- Silverbirch

Smokewreath was an evil squirrel priest, or as he is mentioned, a sorcerer, on Whitewings Island, who served under King Silverbirch. He met his demise in the collapse of Silverbirch's stronghold.


Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

Smokewreath is at the tower with King Silverbirch and insists that he can obtain all the silver the King needs. He also claims he could make 'great magic' with Urchin's fur, head, and heart.
When Urchin is in his room, Smokewreath begs the King to give the young squirrel to him. On the first snowfall, Urchin is given to Smokewreath, but is rescued by Cedar, Juniper, Lugg, Flame, and Larch.
Later, there is an earthquake due to all the mining, and Smokewreath is killed in the destruction of King Silverbirch's Fortress.

The Heir of MistmantleEdit

Smokewreath is seen in Queen Cedar's nightmares, in which he appeares to be taking Catkin's carpet(?).