Scatter is the little squirrel with the hat, made by Lady Thripple for Crispin's crowning ceremony.


"Life was wonderful! And so was Mistmantle!"       --Scatter's thoughts.

Scatter was a young squirrel, about Urchin's age, and an ambassador from Whitewings. She later moved to Mistmantle and was very helpful for the Circle. Her best friends are Fingal and Crackle.


Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

Scatter is first seen on the ship from Whitewings. When Crispin invites all the Whitewings animals to have dinner in the tower, she starts to talk to Needle and Urchin. She and Trail joke about how clumsy Bronze can be, and she ends up having a good time.

When Bronze and Trail take Urchin to play in the little boat, Scatter is the one who tells Crispin the lie about Urchin. Scatter tells Crispin that Urchin wanted to go to Whitewings, and that he left with Trail and Bronze. Crispin doesn't believe Scatter's story, and is deeply worried about Urchin.

Crispin sends her and Lord Treeth to individual chambers, and Scatter prepares herself for an execution.

Scatter sits in her chamber and eats bread. She prepares herself for an execution. When Tay comes to Scatter's chamber, Scatter says she's ready to be executed. Tay is very amused by this, and responds, "This is Mistmantle. We have no death sentence."

Tay continues to visit Scatter daily and teaches her about laws and history. Scatter enjoys listening to stories of Mistmantle. Tay and Scatter become fairly close, and friendly towards each other.

When Urchin returns to Mistmantle with Lugg and Cedar, Scatter apoligizes to him, and Urchin forgives her.

Thripple makes Scatter a hat for Crispin's crowning ceremony, and she adjusts well to Mistmantle.

The Heir of MistmantleEdit

When Catkin get missed, she is sitting on the beach with Crackle and talk about there is a curse to the Heir of Mistmantle. They begin to search for the little girl, but find no one.

Later when the sickdom is comming over the island, she together with Crackle and Fingal find the source of it, and the two girls run to the Tower to tell what they found. Scatter stay to him a bit longer, but when he begin to scream to her, she go. When Fingal almost get killed by the fire, she is running up and save him.

Some days later when the King has a speak on a big stone, she, Crackle and Fingal is beeing thanked by him, and she and Crackle get flowers.