The Raven War was a conflict between Mistmantle Island, Swan Isle, and the Ravens who rallied under the leadership of The Silver Prince, heir to the Archraven and nephew of The Taloness.



In earlier times, Swan Isle was contested between the Ravens and the Swans, with the Swans securing victory in the conflict. The Ravens sued for peace, and an agreement was reached in which the Swans promised that the Ravens could claim the island if a Silver Prince was ever born to them. The Swans believed themselves secure in this, as silver coloring was particularly rare among Ravens and almost exclusively the color of females, making the idea of a Silver Prince ridiculous. However, the Archraven eventually had a grey-feathered son born to him, and believed that this adequately fulfilled the requirements of prophecy.

The Return to Swan IsleEdit

The Archraven and his sister the Taloness soon amassed a substantial force and led them in an invasion of Swan Isle, seeking to reclaim their homeland and laying waste to the island and its inhabitants. So great were their numbers and ferocity that Lord Arcneck fled to Mistmantle to beg help from King Crispin, which the Mistmantle islanders soon gave. Aided by a number of swans who had fled their island during the Raven invasion, the warriors of Mistmantle flew to Swan Isle and engaged the Ravens in battle. The attack proved devastating, as King Crispin himself was able to kill the Archraven, though not without sustaining a wound that would prove fatal after years of causing him pain. However, the Taloness and the Silver Prince were able to escape, and used the Silver Prince's mythical status to recruit a staggering number of additional ravens from various islands.

The Invasion of MistmantleEdit

With their forces assembled, the Ravens attacked Mistmantle in revenge for the islanders' role in the death of the Archraven and the Ravens being driven from Swan Isle. The assault proved devastating, as the inhabitants of Mistmantle were vastly outnumbered and were unable to meet the Ravens in the air. Fortunately, they were able to devise means of trapping the birds in sticky netting, and Urchin was able to pit the Silver Prince against the Taloness, leading to a civil war of sorts between Ravens loyal to each leader. The final stroke came in the form of Swans who arrived with islanders from Whitewings Island, having been summoned by Prince Crown and Pitter of Swan Isle, who used tactics previously used against their own island's Swans to trap the surviving Ravens. As a result of this and their own infighting, the vast majority of the Ravens perished, and Mistmantle and its neighbors were left in peace.