Prince Oakleaf is the son of Cedar and Crispin, and the brother of Catkin and Almondflower, and is the second born to his parents, a prince of Mistmantle. He possibly got his name from an Oak, which stands for a captain in the Threadings code. This makes sense, as his parents were both captains, and the leaf bit in his name suggests that he was born in autumn.


Prince Oakleaf is a male, red squirrel who is said to be like his father was, when he was young.


He was described as being "the strong and silent type", as well as "the young man of the family". Catkin, his sister, has said that he takes a while to make a decision.


Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

Oakleaf is seen swallowing tears when Crispin went off to war on Swan Isle. He also plays nicely with Catkin a few times, and it was he who first asked where she was when she was off being Lapwing. He later rejoiced when he saw his father return, but sobered up when he saw his wound. Oakleaf more or less kept his sisters in line until Cedar got Crispin back to health, then he relaxed again.

Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

Prince Oakleaf tells Padra, Urchin, and Juniper that he wished he could be more like his father. He is sitting with Catkin in Fir's turret and talking with Juniper. When his sister is going to be Queen, she asks him to help her.

Family Edit

  1. Mother: Queen Cedar
  2. Father: King Crispin
  3. Sisters: Princess Catkin, Princess Almondflower

Family TreeEdit

        Queen Cedar-------King Crispin-------Lady Whisper
              Prince Oakleaf
              Princess Catkin
              Princess Almondflower