"This is moss from our princess's grave. Our princess will watch over you." - Pitter

Pitter was a young squirrel of Swan Isle and later Mistmantle and the bestfriend of Scatter.


Scatter is very nice and polite. She loves Mistmantle over her whole heart.


Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

She had never known thay her mother and her father were careless, and were killed by the ravens, leaving her stuck with her aunt, uncle, and cousins, who resented her. Pitter had a fascination with the princess's grave, which turned out to be Lady Whisper's cairn. She saved Tipp the Mole from a raven in the Battle of Swan Isle during the Raven War, and helped Crispin defend Lady Whisper's grave. She taught Cedar about the mending moss which allows Crispin to live a bit longer, and she and Scatter, with the help of Lord Arcneck and Prince Crown, went to go fetch the Whitewings warriors to help bring down the ravens.