Mother Huggen was an elderly hedgehog who saved to-be culled children and is a member of The Circle. It is unknown if she has children.


Mother Huggen is an elderly and kind hedgehog who always showed kindness. She aided Captain Padra and Captain Lady Arran in saving babies that were to be culled under Husk's commands along with Lugg's daughter, Moth.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

Mother Huggen along with Moth occupy The Old Place and use it to hide the to-be culled babies.

Along with Padra, she helps save Needle's little brother Scufflen who was on the list to be culled for a malformation in his paw.

When Urchin falls through the window after the Spring Festivals, she helps look after him and hide him.

After the battle, she initiated into The Circle by King Crispin.

Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

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The Heir of MistmantleEdit

Mother Huggen and others take the little ones into the Mole Palace while Catkin is missing. All the while, it is pouring and several homes are flooded and evacuated.

Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

She, along with Moth and other maids of The Tower take the children of Mistmantle deep underground to be safe from the attacking ravens.

Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

When children were sent to the old palace, she and Moth take care of them, and when Furtle and Ouch went missing, she starts to cry and is angry with herself. 

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