Moth was the daughter of Captain Lugg, and had spend a lot of time to take care of others children, now she had two daughers self.

Moth is a mole, and the daughter of Captain Lugg  and Lady Cott , sister of Wing and Wren and the mother of two unnamed girls.

Early lifeEdit

Moth is born to Lugg and Cott, with her older siblings Wing and Wren.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

When many of the children were going to be killed by Husk, she together with Huggen the hedgehog is starting a children's home in the Mole Palace, and take care of the animals Padra, Arran and Lugg saves.

On the Spring Party(?) before the war, Arran gives food to them. When Tay find them they take her as a prisoner.

At the end of the book she and Huggen come in to the Circle, and start a work as healer.