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Almond watching Riding Stars

Urchin's mother Almond when she reaches the island

Mistmantle is the island where the Mistmantle Chronicles are centered. It appears to be at the center of the Mistmantle world.

It is surrounded by enchanted mists that make entering Mistmantle extremely difficult. Only Voyagers can go beyond the mists and return more than three times. The mists were given to the animals of Mistmantle by the Heart.

Mistmantle is ruled by a King and Queen and has a group of animals called the Circle who counsel them. There are also Captains who are second-ranking to the King and Queen, as well as priests.

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On Mistmantle there are beaches, a wood, hills, waterfalls and a castle which is known as the Tower. There are also many underground tunnels which are often explored in the books.

Places on MistmantleEdit

The TowerEdit

Main article The Tower.

The tower is perched on a cliff near the sea. All the animals of Mistmantle are invited to the tower for the big festivals of the year, such as the Spring Festival, as well as big events, such as Coronations.

Anemone WoodEdit

Main article Anemone Wood.

Anemone wood is a small woodland neighborhood where many of the islands squirrels and hedgehogs live and is the home of Apple and Scufflen.