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Captain Urchin of the Riding Stars

Captain Urchin of the Riding Stars is the son of Almond and Brother Candle and the fiance of Lady Sepia. He is the former page to King Crispin and Padra and is a full-fledged member of the Circle and a captain of Mistmantle. As a baby, he was found on the shore of Mistmantle Isle by Crispin, Apple and Brother Fir, having been picked up and dropped on the shore by a seagull after his mother Almond's death. Urchin is an unusual red squirrel because his fur is very pale with only a few areas of normal red coloring. His mother was nowhere to be found and he was fostered by Apple. Later, he was going to start work in the harbors. However, on a Night of Riding Stars, Captain Crispin, who was also Urchin's hero, came and invited him to come to the tower with him, Captain Padra, and Brother Fir. Crispin and Fir told Urchin the fact that it had been Crispin who had found him on the shore and not Apple, though she would have liked to believe so, and that Captain Crispin needed a page and wanted Urchin to work at the tower instead of him working down at the jetty. Urchin was overjoyed and accepted. He reported to the tower the next morning, only to find that Prince Tumble had been murdered during the night, and through casting lots, Crispin was blamed and exiled for life...(more)

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October-Purple House Press releases its edition of Urchin and the Heartstone!
May-Purple House Press releases its edition of Urchin of the Riding Stars!
Purple House Press announces that it will be publishing new editions of The Mistmantle Chronicles!
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  • Margi McAllister disclosed in an e-mail (shown below) that a sixth book was either planned or in-the-works:
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