Lord Archneck
Family: Lady Arcneck (wife)
Prince Crown (son)
Allegiance: King Crispin†
Death: Died in Rage Tide
Appears in: Urchin of the Riding Stars
Urchin and the Raven War
"They came by the hundreds, their wings grazing the face of the sun. Their wingbeats sounded of thunder and they blackened the entire sky. We could not withstand such a force and were forced to flee. The trees bend under their weight and they destroy everything in sight. They will devour everything on our island and seek more islands to conquer. They feast on our squirrels and cygnets, with every death and every tree destroyed, our island is dying!"

 - Lord Arneck


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit


Lord Arcneck talking with Crispin

Lord Arcneck was the Lord of Swan Isle and welcomed Crispin to his island. Crispin impressed him by killing a water snake and Lord Arcneck slightly respected him afterwards. He aided Crispin by helping him fly back to Mistmantle and soon afterwards he and Crispin became almost friends by helping each other's islands in times of crisis or peril. He knew Urchin of the Riding Stars and respected him for freeing the swans on Whitewings and was known for being very stuck up. Aside from a few squirrels Lord Arneck had a disregard for squirrels and showed it by calling them often tree-rats. He had one wife and one son who they named Crown because of the way his feathers stuck up in his head like a crown

Lord and Lady Arcneck

Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

During the Raven Wars Lord Arcneck was one of the swans who flew to Mistmantle to request help. He was rudely greated by Princess Catkin and dishonered by being forced into the tiny Throne Room. Crispin agreed to helping him and together they returned to Swan Isle and defeated the Raven Army. He was ridden by Crispin because of his view that royalty should be with royalty in battle and was well respected on both Mistmantle and Swan Isle. However soon after his own island was liberated he left Mistmantle and seemed to abandon it when the Raven Armies swarmed. Whether it was his discare for Mistmantle that cause him to not send help or the fact he didn't

Lord Arneck

know is stil a mystery today.

Urchin and the Rage Tide Edit

Lord Arcneck was killed during a Rage Tide that sweapt through Swan Isle, Mistmantle and Whitewings. Afterwards Prince Crown was named Lord Crown and he soon ruled differently than his father, helping the animals instead of ignoring them.