”Whisper of Mistmantle. That’s my wish. I want you to be Whisper of Mistmantle" . - Crispin

Birthplace: Swan Isle
Family: Crispin (husband)
Death: killed by Gloss the mole
Appears in: Books:

Whisper was a beautiful and kind squirrel from Swan Isle and the first wife of King Crispin, who was CaptainCrispin at the time. She was murdered by Gloss the Mole. When Husk ordered Gloss to kill Urchin, he snuck onto Urchin's boat, and killed Lady Whisper because she was wearing Crispin's circlet, mistaking her for Crispin. She has her own Threading on Mistmantle, and her grave is called "the Princess's grave", because the squirrels on Swan Isle, being forgetful, forgot what her name was. Mendingmoss grows around her grave, and it was later used by Pitter to save Crispin's life.


Lady Whisper was from a band of rather forgetful and shy squirrels that lived on Swan Isle. However, she has never shown to have possessed any such qualities. Whisper was described as a kind and gentle squirrel as well as a good companion to Captain Crispin during his exile.


Urchin and the Riding StarsEdit

Whisper showed Crispin around the island and they became very close. A little while later, she married him. Crispin gave her his Captain's circlet to wear as a sign of their marriage. When Crispin leaped into the water to save Lady Arcneck, Whisper saved him from drowning.

After life on Swan Isle for a while, Crispin began to miss Mistmantle, and agreed to take Whisper to live there with him. Urchin arrived with Gloss, who stowed away unnoticed. Seeing Whisper wearing Crispin's circlet, Gloss thought that Whisper was Crispin, and killed her. Gloss was then killed by Lord Arcneck.
Whisper, crispin, urchin

Urchin, Crispin and Whisper.

Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

Pitter is seen guarding "the Princess's" grave from the ravens and fends one off, saying that she had to protect the Princess's grave. When Crispin ran to the grave, to protect it, the Archraven came. Crispin killed the Archraven, but he was severely wounded and passed out. Pitter then used mendingmoss on Crispin. The mendingmoss grew only on Whisper's grave.

Later, back at Mistmantle, Crispin thanks Pitter for defending the grave and tells Pitter that the Princess was really Whisper, a lovely squirrel that he had married. Pitter then introduced mendingmoss to Queen Cedar, who immediately understood its usefulness and the moss was cultivated on Mistmantle thereafter.

Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

Mendingmoss that grew on Lady Whisper's grave was used to heal a terribly weak Sepia. Crispin has never forgotten Whisper, even though he remarried and had a family. During Crispin's exile on Swan Isle, Whisper had nursed Crispin back to health after he almost drowned in an icy lake trying to rescue Lord Arcneck's wife in Urchin of the Riding Stars. It moved him greatly to discover that, even in death, Whisper was caring for him as the mendingmoss that grew at her burial site helped him to survive his injury in the Raven War. In Urchin and the Rage Tide, as Crispin was parting from Urchin, he asked Urchin to keep the memory of Whisper alive as Urchin was the only Mistmantle animal who had ever met Whisper.


Whisper is honored in the Threadings of Mistmantle (royal tapestries that depict the important figures and events in Mistmantle's history). In her threading she is shown with a basket of flowers, as well as flowers around her, which are used to indicate what she was like, and how she was killed.


Captain CrispinEdit

Whisper first met him when he saved some swan babies and they later became close friends. In the summer, they married. When Urchin arrived at Swan Isle, Whisper was killed by Gloss the mole, and Crispin buried her there. Crispin was deeply grieved at Whisper's death, as they were very much in love. To never forget her, there is a Threading of her that is hanging in the Throne room so he will always see her.


When Urchin came to The Swan Isle, he and Crispin were talking when she came to join them. They became close friends.

After her death, Urchin told Crispin that he wished his mother was like Whisper.

Lord ArcneckEdit

Even though she is a squirrel, the Lord Arcneck seemed to care about her, and killed the mole that killed her. After her death he was very angry.


During the Raven War on Swan Isle, Pitter did like everyone else and found small things to make her happy. For her, it was to see the "Princess' " grave and know that she laid peacefully under the ground. She dreamed that she could fight side by side with her and that she was her sister, or even better, mother.