Languages: Esflag

Urchin and king brushen
Birthplace: Mistmantle Island
Family: Spindle (wife)†
Tumble (son)†
Death: Fell from The Tower
Appears in: Urchin of the Riding Stars
"But it is the king's law you can't say against him!"
"Yes, he is a good king, but he has some funny laws."
- Gleaner and Apple

King Brushen was the husband of Queen Spindle and the father of Prince Tumble. His adviser and "best friend" was Captain Husk. Brushen died when he fell out of a window in The Tower after fighting Lady Aspen.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

King Brushen was the fourth hedgehog King of his line, and his son would have been the fifth had he not died by Captain Husk's paw.
At the death of his son Prince Tumble, he and his wife, Queen Spindle, were heartbroken. When Crispin's name came out during the casting of lots, the hedgehog King angrily roared that Crispin should be executed, although, after he was calmed down, changed his mind and instead ordered that Crispin be banished from Mistmantle.
After the exile of Crispin, the King was hardly seen without the villainous Captain Husk at his side. The King had fallen into a spiral of depression at his son's death, and Husk strengthened it by keeping him in a drunken and delirious state. With the King indisposed to rule, Husk easily took control. Under Husk's influence, King Brushen rationed the food of the Mistmantle animals, increased labor hours, and continued the culling of weak or malformed babies.
When Urchin came to visit the King, he brought the King water from the Spring Gate, which cleared his head. He subsequently granted Urchin's request of ceasing the food rationing and put Captain Padra in charge of the food stores.
During Captain Husk and Lady Aspen's wedding, Urchin admired the King as he took his throne, despite his unsettled state.
At the Spring Festival, King Brushen held Needle's little brother, Scufflen, who would have been culled by Husk's command, and the child reminded the King very much of his deceased son, Tumble. When Padra uncovered Husk's plot to gain power, the King ordered Captain Husk's arrest, but was himself taken captive along with Brother Fir and locked in The Tower by Husk 's forces.

A tired and mad king

In an attempt to free himself, King Brushen managed to get out of his bindings and attacked Husk, but Husk's wife Aspen intervened. In the ensuing scuffle he and Lady Aspen fell out of the tower window and onto the rocks below. Both were injured greatly and were cared for, King Brushen living long enough to speak to Crispin and be blessed by Brother Fir, while Lady Aspen died from drinking the very poison she had used on the Queen. Captain Crispin was named King afterwards and began a line of squirrel kings.


King Brushen was a kind hedgehog and a good king to Mistmantle until his son's assassination, after which he went insane with grief.