Birthplace: Mistmantle Island
Family: Docken (father)
  • Thripple (mother)
  • Mopple (brother)

Hope drops the Heartstone.

Hoppen or Hope is a short-sighted male hedgehog, and the son of Lady Thripple and Captain Docken as well as the older brother of Mopple. He is a member of the Circle, and often works with Brother Juniper and Whittle.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

"I can fight against you, just give me a sword!"
- Hope

Hope was in the old palace when Urchin arrived there for the first time. Later he, Jig, Fig and Moth saved Needle. When Urchin returned to Mistmantle he heard a sound resonating from underground. He ran to find out what it was, and found Hope together with two mole guards.

Urchin saved Hope, and they began to walk in the tunnels. Hope started eating berries, spilling a considerable sum of juice on himself. They then meet Captain Husk, who thinks Hope to be Prince Tumble, from his nightmares, and the berry juice to be blood. Husk began backing away in fear, and subsequently fell to his death in the Chamber of Candles.

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Relationships Edit

Captain Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

Hope looked up to Urchin, and greatly admired him.


Hope was a nice and fine hedgehog. He was a bit curious, and he always wants to help everyone around him. He was older than Catkin, but he behaved as he was a bit younger than her.