Hobb is a mole worker. He is shown to be good friends with Yarrow and Quill. He also dislikes Queen Cedar, and talks bad about her.


Hobb is a stubborn and dumb mole. He is also the one who spread the rumor that Husk is back.


The Heir of MistmantleEdit

Hobb is first seen working in the gardens. He is with Yarrow and Quill. They are talking about Catkin's disappearence. He kept saying that Cedar is not a good mother and that she not a true Mistmantle squirrel. When Docken tells them they were standing under the queen's window, he gets mad and tells him that he has been on Mistmantle much longer than she has. He stays under the window and gets bathwater dropped all over him. He says that ordinary animals don't take baths, and he walks off with Yarrow.

He is later seen trying to harvest some crops. He gets mad and says that ever since Cedar came, Mistmantle has taken a turn for the worse. He also says that Husk has tricked Linty into stealing Catkin and that Husk put a curse on the island, and that's why its so hot, and crops are dying. This leads animals to believe that Husk is alive

Hobb becomes sick and is reluctant to be treated, but he is soon treated by Cedar and gets well again.