When Captain Husk was in control of Mistmantle Island, he demanded gold, silver, and precious stones. He put hedgehogs in groups to obtain them for him, requiring even small children to work.

History Edit

Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

The Hedgehog Host is first mentioned by Sepia and Needle, who assert that Husk forced King Brushen to put them together. After Husk's downfall the group remained somewhat cohesive, with special gallery being set up for them for the coronation of King Crispin. Members of the host were often called upon to act as guards after the arrival of the King's Arrow from Whitewings Island. Unfortunately, their experience under Husk left certain members of the host angry and bitter, with a particular disdain for the other species of Mistmantle, squirrels in particular.

Influenced by Lord Treeth of Whitewings, who hoped to secure Mistmantle for King Silverbirch, these disaffected hedgehogs formed a pact to murder Crispin so that Gorsen, one of their own number, could become Mistmantle's new king in alliance with Silverbirch. Fortunately, their assassination plot was discovered by Needle, Sepia, and Fingal, whose quick actions-along with those of Gleaner-enabled loyal guards such as Docken to come to Crispin's defense. The rebellious hedgehogs were subsequently imprisoned, with Brother Fir advising that they be allowed to "cool off" to see if they might prove repentant.

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