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The Heartstone

The Heartstone is a gift from the Heart, and an important part of the Mistmantle Religion. It is a pink, heart-shaped stone flecked with silver and gold. It can only be held by the true king or priest of Mistmantle. If the Heartstone is held by an ordinary animal or an animal who is not the true ruler or priest, if will drop itself out of the holder's paw.

Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

Brother Fir seeks the Heartstone for Crispin's coronation. However, Fir knew the Heartstone's weight and feel. When he let Hope play with it and it didn't drop out of Hope's paw, Brother Fir declared that the Heartstone had gone missing, and been replaced with a fake, which was presumably made by Aspen and switched by Husk.

Needle puts herself in charge of finding it, partly to take her mind off Urchin's kiddnapping. Sepia, Fingal and Hope join in the search also.

Hope accidently finds it at the end of the book when he is giving the people on the beach shells. It is revealed that the Heartstone was thrown by Husk into basalt that was loaded onto a ship and carried away from Mistmantle, it then returns on the King's Arrow, the ship Urchin comes home to Mistmantle on.