Birthplace: Mistmantle Island
Weapon(s): Sword, others
Allegiance: Captain Husk (formerly)†
  • King Silverbirch †
Death: Killed in the collapse of King Silverbirch's Fortress
Appears in: Books:
  • Urchin of the Riding Stars
  • Urchin and the Heartstone
"I'm Granite. Remember me." 
- Granite

Granite was a male squirrel Captain of Mistmantle during Captain Husk's time and was one of his biggest supporters. After Husk died, Granite was banished from Mistmantle Island and became Lord Marshal under King Silverbirch on Whitewings Island.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

Granite was Captain Husk's right paw squirrel, one of his most trusted helpers. Captain Husk used his influence over the king to make Granite a Captain, much to Padra's disgust. Granite was only a puppet to Husk, who had attempted to overthrow King Brushen so that he would become the new king of Mistmantle. Granite's assignment during the battle on the dais was to kill Captain Padra, but due to Padra's swordsman skills he was unable to complete it. After the battle on Mistmantle had ended and Captain Husk was dead, Granite was exiled permanently from Mistmantle for his support of the traitor.
As for the rest of Husk's supporters, they, too, were permanently banished from Mistmantle after his death and defeat.

Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

Granite had found refuge along with several of the other permanently exiled animals from Mistmantle who had supported Captain Husk. Granite and the other exiles were welcomed to Whitewings during King Silverbirch's reign. However, after the other Mistmantle animals had arrived, they had become sacrifices for King Silverbirch's sorcerer, Smokewreath. While most of Mistmantle's exiles had become sacrifices for Smokewreath, Granite soon befriended King Silverbirch, a hedgehog, and was promoted to Lord Marshal.
When Granite was given a new chamber in the the King's Fortress, he got rid of the furnishings and covered the walls with weapons. When he had finished, it looked more like an armory than a normal bedroom chamber. Granite was given a new suit of armor, which he wore with a very large helmet that made him look fearsome in battle. During Urchin's imprisonment on Whitewings, Granite took extra lengths to make sure Urchin felt miserable because he blamed the young squirrel and Captain Padra for his exile.
C. Granite

Granite on Whitewings

Granite's left ankle had been permanently damaged when he was bitten by Needle, a female hedgehog with unusually sharp spines. Needle bit him because she was trying to save Padra the trouble of having to fight against Granite on Mistmantle during the battle.
King Silverbirch asked Granite why his left ankle was permanently wounded. To hide the embarrassing truth, he lied and told the King that Captain Padra had stabbed it with his sword. Unfortunately for him, a Mistmantle mole called Captain Lugg, whom had been captured by two of King Silverbirch's guards, revealed the the truth by asking Granite about what had happened. When Silverbirch told Lugg what Lord Marshal Granite had said to him, Lugg made it clear that Granite had lied by calling him, " The Lord Marshal of the Hedgehog's Toothmarks". Granite hated hedgehogs after Trail tattled on Bronze, by telling Granite that he was tired of trying to live in his shadow, and that he wanted to become the new Lord Marshal and overthrow Granite. After this Granite ordered Creeper, Silverbirch's assassin and spy, to kill Bronze.
Granite died when a large earthquake shook Whitewings Isle, causing several large trees around the Fortress to fall on it. The squirrel commander was last seen trying to climb down one of the Fortress walls, but he was unable to save himself; Granite, as well as everybody else in the Fortress including Smokewreath and King Silverbirch, died when the entire Fortress collapsed.


Granite was a red, very tall, broad shouldered squirrel with very short fur and a permanently damaged foot, because Needle bit him when he tried to slay Captain Padra during the battle for Mistmantle. He was noted for his claws, which were said to have a powerful grip.


Granite was a rather gruff squirrel, a bit dark and very loyal to Husk. He also had a penchant for collecting weapons, as he is the head of the armory.