Birthplace: Mistmantle Island
Allegiance: Hedgehog Host

"I'm glad to, Crispin . Pardon if I don't call you Your Highness, but you're really nothing of the sort."

Gorsen the GorgeousEdit

Gorsen was a member of the Hedgehog Host, a band of hedgehogs who formed a club. He was known as being handsome for a hedgehog and attracting many girlfriends, because of his bronze-coloured spines. He was a tower hedgehog and was sent to guard Ambassador Treeth and block the underground tunnel that led to the the Throne Room. However he had strong feelings that hedgehogs were superior to all other animals and were the rightful kings of Mistmantle.

Red tails are nothing!

The Hedgehog RebellionEdit

Gorsen, along with nine other Mistmantle hedgehogs attempted to kill and overthrow King Crispin. While meeting with King Crispin, Lord Treeth attacked him with a dagger, but failed to kill him as Crispin deflected the dagger with his sword. Gorsen and nine other hedgehogs aided Lord Treeth and attacked King Crispin and his followers. Gorsen and his fellow hedgehogs were defeated after Docken, a loyal hedgehog, charged into the room followed by a company of armed moles. Padra joined the fight and Brother Fir called for help and soon the battle was over. Many people participated in the fight, such as Sepia, Gleaner, and Fingal. As a result of the battle it was revealed that Whitewings intended to steal Urchin and that they were never allies to Mistmantle. Also, Sepia couldn't sing for a while because Gorsen attempted to choke her. The hedgehog rebellion also failed thanks to Burr the mole, who spilled wine while serving it to Lord Treeth. This caused many of the rebels to slip and fall.

The Hedgehog SupremacistEdit

Gorsen's reason for attacking Crispin was that he didn't feel that a squirrel could be king. He felt that only hedgehogs could be kings as they were creatures of the Earth. He also pointed out that all of Mistmantle's troubles had been caused by squirrels (Lady Aspen and Captain Husk). His plan was to become king of Mistmantle under King Silverbirch. He even intended to send slaves to Whitewings as a token of loyalty. However some of his strong feelings may have melted when Crispin told him that if Gorsen had succeeded then all of Mistmantle would hate hedgehogs for generations to come because of ten hedgehogs who wanted their way. His fate is unknown although he may have been jailed or exiled.