Gloss was a male mole, and Captain Husk's personal spy and assassin. His brother was Grith.



Home Island


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

-No, he wouldn't kill Urchin yet,

Gloss's thoughts

Gloss is first seen at the court, deciding what to do with Crispin. He supports Husk throughout Crispin's trial, and explains that Crispin could have easily killed Prince Tumble, and then run back to the tower as if nothing had
Aspen husk and gloss

Husk giving Gloss orders

happened. Most animals, including Mistress Tay, support his idea. He puts a lot of evidence against Crispin, and the king believes it. The King believes all of Gloss' ideas, and exiles Crispin.

Gloss was ordered to spy on Urchin by Lady Aspen, so he snuck onto Urchin's boat.

When he and Urchin reached Swan Isle, he murdered Whisper, mistaking her for Captain Crispin because she wore Crispin's captain circlet. After he killed Whisper, Lord Arckneck snapped his neck.

Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

Gloss is mentioned by his brother Grith a few times.