The Chamber of Candles is a sacred place located beneath The Tower of Mistmantle, so called because it is usually filled with burning candles.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

Anciently, the Chamber of Candles was a horrific dungeon built by a squirrel king and his followers, who rejected The Heart and worshiped darkness and destruction. It was a place of murder and evil, and eventually took on an evil nature of its own that scared the king, who would throw murdered prisoners or live ones into it's pit. Some who were thrown in alive-most notably moles-managed to survive, with some digging tunnels to other lands while others built the Old Palace. Eventually the king was overthrown and the dungeon was sealed off, with all mention of it being barred from The Threadings. Knowledge of its existence was confined to the kings and Priests of Mistmantle and passed down by oral tradition, though even they were ignorant as to its exact location.

Eventually the barriers blocking the tunnels to the dungeon either decayed or were broken through by an explorer, and it was discovered by Husk during his search for the Old Palace. Ignorant of its history, Husk nonetheless reveled in the evil of the dungeon, which had festered over the centuries and drew him, with the darkness of pit and squirrel captain feeding each other. Husk would often visit the pit as a means of renewing his strength, particularly when he was troubled by nightmares. However, it was eventually discovered by Urchin when he followed Husk following Husk's wedding to Lady Aspen, and through him Brother Fir learned of its approximate location. Realizing that the dungeon had been neglected, Fir sought it out in order to cleanse it through prayer and the lighting of numerous candles; it was here that Husk met his death while fleeing Crispin.

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