"I'm Husk's son."

- Juniper

Brother Juniper of the Journeyings
Birthplace: Mistmantle Island
Family: Captain Husk (father)
Spindrift (mother)
Damson (foster mother)
Allegiance: King Crispin, Queen Catkin
Appears in: Books:

Brother Juniper of the Journeyings was the son of Captain Husk and Spindrift, later adopted by Damson, and High Priest of Mistmantle, succeeding Brother Fir. After his appointment to High Priest, he took on Tide as an apprentice.


Juniper is a dark-furred red squirrel. He had a lame leg and poor lungs, as his health was depreciated during his journey to Whitewings Island. His appearance is said to look quite a bit like Husk, his father, and has been mistaken for him in the past, especially in The Heir of Mistmantle.


Juniper is a very sensitive squirrel with the ability to sense danger and has visions. He greatly admired and looked up to Urchin, but is more often like his mother, saying Damson.


Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

Juniper is first introduced to Urchin and Needle on the beach, welcoming a ship that had come from Whitewings. As Urchin escorts the guests to the castle, he has a vision of doom so powerful, it makes him vomit into a rock pool. Embarrassed by the act, he hopes that Urchin hadn't noticed.

When Urchin is kidnapped, Juniper is able to slip onto the boat as it unknowingly taken to Whitewings by Bronze and Trail, however, the trip there makes him horribly weak and ill.

When the boat arrives at Whitewings, he is hidden in Urchin's room and tended by Urchin and Queen Cedar. He is later taken in and cared for by The Larchlings.

It is not surprising that, when the boat finally arrived to the Whitewings, he became dangerously ill. Queen Larch, Brother Flame, and Cedar found him and nursed back to health, although Juniper escaped to Urchin's cell, where it was really Urchin who saved Juniper. Juniper then told Urchin everything he knew about Whitewings until passing out also mentioning someone called Cedar. Then Commander Cedar took over taking care of Juniper with medicines. She helped Juniper to escape to a secret underground hideout for the larchlings when King Silverbirch ordered to throw away all the furniture from Urchin's cell. Because of his skill to sense danger when it was near, Smokewreath became frightened of the goodness in Juniper.

When it was time to escape Whitewings Urchin, Juniper, Lugg, Cedar, Brother Flame, and Larch tried to get Urchin home but were caught. Urchin told them he will give himself up to save them, but Juniper testified by saying "I didn't swim all this way for you to get killed!" Fortunately, Urchin went anyway being saved by an earthquake caused by all the mining. After returning to Mistmantle Juniper was given honors for his service in helping Urchin's rescue, and Urchin declared Juniper was "his brother". Juniper also became a novice priest to Brother Fir.

The Heir of MistmantleEdit

In the night before Princess Catkin's Naming, Juniper had a vision of somebody's claws, knife and something blue, what later revealed to be a vision about Captain Lugg's death. Juniper worried very much, as he didn't understand the prophecy, but felt that it's about something terrible. During the outbreak of Fouldrought Juniper visited ill animals and helped Brother Fir and Cedar to heal them. When Brother Fir also fell ill, Juniper continued to perform his duties on helping ill and dying animals, blessing them and taking care of them.

Jealous of Urchin, who discovered his parents' identity on Whitewings, Juniper began to search for his parents' names. After the outbreak of Fouldrought, his foster-mother Damson was on her deathbed. So that Damson could die in peace, Juniper impersonated Fir to hear Damson's confession about himself. He, and Sepia, who was present, learned of his parents, Spindrift and Husk. Disgusted, Juniper felt that he wasn't fit for Urchin's, the king's, or anyone else's, company. He even wished he was never born. When Juniper heard about mudslide he attemped to kill himself while he was saving Urchin, which he failed at doing as Juniper himself was nearly pulled away by mud, but saved by his friends. He then told Arran, Padra, Crispin, and Urchin who his parents were, and Urchin assured him that he would always be Juniper's friend, and that it was very brave to tell them this.

After Hobb, Quill, and Yarrow begin spreading rumors of Husk's return, Juniper takes on the responsibility to find Husk's body, to prove that he really was dead. Juniper heard from Lugg and Twigg about old underground tunnels and decided to check if he can get into the sacrificial pit where Husk fell off. Needle and Urchin followed Juniper, though, and the three of them fell into the sacrificial pit, Needle breaking a few limbs. Here Juniper found his father's bones and said to Urchin that he's sorry for all the evil Husk caused. He also revealed that some animals mistook him with Husk, as Juniper looked like his father. Later Juniper stays with Needle, while Urchin returns to get help. Juniper bandaged Needle's limbs and the hedgehog who felt a bit jealous of Urchin and Juniper's friendship, became his close friend. 

Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

Brother Fir dies, and Juniper takes on the responsibility of High Priest.

Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

He is first seeing saying old words on the party celebrating the start of spring on Mistmantle. He then stands in the water, with Padra and Tide in the ocean and looks for the Rage Tide, being able to sense its coming.

Later he talks with Urchin about Sepia. One day he is has a prophecy, and tells it to the circle. He is begin to train Tide as a priest as well.

He is talking to  Crispin a last time about the prophety, and he is talking with Catkin and Oakleaf when their dad dies, but send Tide to sit with them. When Sepia comes home he is praying for her.



Damson is Juniper's foster mother and have taked care of him from his mother died. They had always been glad in each other, something that they showed much in book 3.

Captain UrchinEdit

After Padra is saying to Urchin and Needle, that a "dark squirrel with a curled paw" was on the beach they went down, finding Juniper. They get to be close friends at once, because Juniper always looked up to him. Juniper and Urchin eventually came to regard each other as brothers.

Brother FirEdit

Brother Fir soon sensed Juniper's abilities, and asked him if he would study under him in order to become a priest. Fir was very kind to Juniper, making sure that he took care of himself physically and offering him counsel in his darkest times.


Sepia was part of Juniper's circle of friends, and happened to be present at some of his most difficult moments, notably when he learned the truth about his parentage. She was very kind and considerate to him, and did her best to turn him away from his thoughts of self-loathing and worthlessness. The two were also bonded by their common concern for Urchin, with both of them becoming fearful when he was in dangerous situations or came to harm.