Birthplace: Mistmantle Island
Family: Urchin (foster son)
Filbert (husband)
Appears in: Books:

Apple is a kind squirrel from Anemone Wood. She is the foster mother of Urchin, and is married to Filbert. She claims that her mint cordial, made from mint and apple, can help make you feel better, but every animal who drinks it hates it, with the exception of Filbert, as his mother used to make a drink that tasted just like it.


Apple is described as a plump squirrel with thin fur. She is a dark red squirrel and have a bit problems to walk and in book one she is told to have a dark brown eye colour.


She is very kind, and she loves babies. She is known to talk a lot without stopping, and some animals even try to avoid her conversations. She often talks about the "old days", which many animals find annoying.

Fingal gives Apple her hat back.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

Apple is first seen on Watchtop Hill with Urchin, NeedleGleaner, Crackle, and the baby squirrels. She starts to complain about the king's new ways of laws and the work on the island.

Urchin tells her that it's alright that he has to work on boats, but Apple isn't convinced.

Apple also scolds Gleaner and Crackle when they tell Urchin that he should have been culled at birth.

Urchin helps Apple get ready for the night of riding stars, but then Crispin invites Urchin to Brother Fir's turret in the tower. Apple encourages Urchin to go, and he does. When Urchin comes back to Anemone Wood, Apple cries, but tells Urchin to become a page.

She later are in the wedding to Husk an Lady Aspen when Padra is dancing with her. 

After Urchin is falling down from a window he is landing on her.

Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

The Heir of MistmantleEdit

Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

Apple saved Filbert during the events of the Raven War on Mistmantle, and he proved to be the first person to genuinely like her cordial, which was identical to one made by his mother in his youth. Apple was particularly appreciative, since other Mistmantle animals had taken the cordial to rub on themselves to make themselves unappetizing to Ravens. Apple's cordial later had a role in reviving a badly wounded Urchin, though she mistook his whispered "vile" for "vial." She and Filbert later told King Crispin and Urchin of their intention to marry, which both of them approved, though Urchin was quite surprised.

Urchin and the Rage TideEdit